20 Easter Books for Kids That Will Capture Their Hearts and Imagination

Easter is not just about egg hunts and chocolate bunnies; it’s a time of joy, renewal, and storytelling. For kids under 10, books can be magical gateways to worlds of adventure, discovery, and learning. As we celebrate this festive season, let’s delve into a curated list of 20 Easter books for kids that are perfect for young readers. These tales weave together themes of friendship, family, and the many wonders of spring.

  1. “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” by Beatrix Potter

    Tale of Peter Rabbit book cover featuring mostly white background and a rabbit wearing a blue jacket

    Peter Rabbit’s escapades in Mr. McGregor’s garden are a tale of curiosity, disobedience, and the consequences of misadventure. The lush illustrations and engaging narrative have made this story a beloved classic, teaching lessons about prudence and the importance of listening to advice.
  2. The Easter Egg” by Jan Brett

    Easter egg book with egg border and rabbit in center

    In this beautifully illustrated book, Hoppi the rabbit wants to make the most beautiful Easter egg to win the Easter Bunny’s approval. Through his journey, he discovers that there are many ways to contribute to the joy of the season, highlighting themes of self-discovery and the value of individual creativity.
  3. “Happy Easter, Mouse!” by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond

    Cute mouse with purple background and easter eggs

    This charming board book follows Mouse as he discovers colored eggs around his house. Each page offers a playful exploration of counting and colors, making it an interactive experience for young readers and perfect for early learning.
  4. “Pete the Cat: Big Easter Adventure” by Kimberly and James Dean

    Quirky black cat wearing bunny ears while sitting in easter basket full of eggs

    Pete the Cat embarks on an unexpected journey to save Easter, donning bunny ears and finding lost eggs. This story promotes themes of helping others and the importance of stepping up to challenges with a positive attitude.
  5. “The Berenstain Bears and the Easter Story” by Jan and Mike Berenstain

    Berenstain bear family walking on yellow road for easter

    The Bear family attends an Easter Sunday service where they learn about the resurrection of Jesus, providing a narrative that blends traditional Easter themes with the values of faith, hope, and family.
  6. “Llama Llama Easter Egg” by Anna Dewdney

    Llama with friends on easter egg hunt

    Llama Llama wakes up to find a surprise on Easter morning. The simple rhyming text and engaging illustrations make it a perfect read for young children, offering a gentle introduction to the Easter holiday.
  7. “The Biggest Easter Basket Ever” by Steven Kroll

    Large easter basket full of eggs with a mouse crawling up the side

    As Mouseville prepares for Easter, two mice learn about teamwork and sharing while trying to build the biggest Easter basket. The story encourages cooperation and shows how working together can lead to greater achievements.
  8. “The Night Before Easter” by Natasha Wing

    Children and their families will relate to the excitement and anticipation of waiting for the Easter Bunny in this rhyming story that mirrors the Christmas classic, providing a festive atmosphere filled with joy and family traditions.
  9. “It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny” by Marilyn Sadler

    Large bunny with a worried face against a blue background

    P.J. Funnybunny doesn’t like being a bunny and tries living as other animals, only to learn that being himself is best. This narrative fosters self-acceptance and the understanding that everyone is unique.
  10. “God Gave Us Easter” by Lisa Tawn Bergren

    Polar bear couple hugging whilte looking at the sun

    This story helps explain the Christian meaning behind Easter in a way that is accessible to children, using a family of polar bears to explore themes of love, sacrifice, and the importance of spiritual celebration.
  11. “Fancy Nancy’s Elegant Easter” by Jane O’Connor

    Nancy prepares for an exquisite Easter party, teaching readers about the elegance and joy of Easter traditions, from decorating to hunting for eggs, all done with a touch of Fancy Nancy’s signature style.
  12. “Easter Bugs: A Springtime Pop-up by David A Carter”

    This interactive pop-up book surprises young readers with bugs hidden inside Easter eggs, offering a fun exploration of colors, shapes, and springtime creatures, enhancing sensory play and curiosity.
  13. “Marshmallow” by Clare Turlay Newberry

    Small white bunny against a yellow background

    This heartwarming story of a bunny named Marshmallow and his new friend, a cat, explores themes of friendship, acceptance, and the discovery of new and unexpected companionships.
  14. “Ollie’s Easter Eggs” by Olivier Dunrea

    Painted easter eggs against a plain white background

    Ollie the gosling and his friends paint eggs for Easter, leading to a playful story about sharing and the joys of Easter traditions, capturing the simple pleasures of the holiday.
  15. “Clifford’s Happy Easter” by Norman Bridwell

    Clifford the big red dog with a painted easter egg on the tip of his nose

    In this story, Clifford tries to help Emily Elizabeth find the perfect way to celebrate Easter, leading to a series of funny and heartwarming misadventures that highlight the joy and chaos of holiday celebrations.
  16. “Egg” by Kevin Henkes

    This minimalist tale uses simple yet expressive illustrations to tell a story of four eggs, one of which takes a little longer to hatch, teaching patience and the anticipation of new life, echoing the themes of Easter.
  17. “An Easter Prayer” by Amy Parker

    Reflecting on the beauty and spiritual significance of Easter, this book offers a tender prayer that celebrates the season, encouraging gratitude and reflection in a child-friendly manner.
  18. “Biscuit’s Pet & Play Easter” by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

    Biscuit explores the Easter holiday in this touch-and-feel book, offering tactile experiences that engage young readers in the traditions of Easter through interactive play.
  19. “The Story of the Easter Bunny” by Katherine Tegen

    A delightful origin story of the Easter Bunny, this book combines folklore and fantasy to explain how this iconic figure came to be associated with Easter traditions, sparking imagination and wonder.
  20. “Duck & Goose, Here Comes the Easter Bunny!” by Tad Hills

    Duck and Goose try to find the perfect spot to watch for the Easter Bunny, leading to a story filled with anticipation, humor, and the value of friendship during the festive Easter season.

    Bonus Titles
  21. “A Lamb Called Loved” by Erin Winters

    Cute happy lamb jumping in green field with flowers

    This heartwarming children’s picture book explores the concept of God’s love and how it shapes and defines who we are. Through engaging illustrations and gentle, nurturing text, the book conveys the message that every child is unique, valued, and loved unconditionally by God. It’s a reassuring tale that aims to instill self-worth and a sense of divine love in young readers, making it a meaningful addition to any child’s Easter reading list.
  22. “Easter Coloring Book for Kids Ages 4-8” by Young Dreamers Press

    Happy bunny with blue scarf smiling in field of flowers in pink, purple and yellow
    A vibrant and engaging coloring book perfect for children to celebrate the Easter season. Filled with a variety of Easter-themed illustrations, it provides hours of creative fun. From intricate Easter eggs to adorable bunnies and festive scenes, this coloring book is an ideal basket stuffer that not only entertains but also fosters creativity, fine motor skills, and a love for the holiday. It’s a wonderful way for kids to engage with Easter traditions through art and imagination.
  23. “Easter Activity Book for Kids Ages 6-8” by Young Dreamers Press

    An interactive and fun-filled workbook designed to entertain and educate children during the Easter season. This activity book is packed with a variety of puzzles, mazes, word searches, coloring pages, and educational games, all themed around Easter and springtime elements. It’s perfect for sparking creativity, enhancing problem-solving skills, and keeping kids engaged in a productive and enjoyable way. This book is a fantastic way to combine the joy of Easter with learning and play, making it an ideal gift for young children to celebrate the holiday.

These 20 books provide a diverse range of Easter-themed stories that are sure to captivate and educate children under 10. They offer a mix of fun, adventure, and the essence of the holiday, making them perfect for family reading sessions or as gifts to spark a love for reading.

By introducing these books to young readers, we not only celebrate the festive spirit of Easter but also foster a lifelong love for reading. Whether it’s the mischief of Peter Rabbit or the creative egg decorating in “The Easter Egg,” each book holds a unique story waiting to be discovered.

So, why not make this Easter special by sharing one or more of these delightful tales with the little ones in your life? It’s a wonderful way to bond, create lasting memories, and instill valuable lessons through the joyful tradition of storytelling. Happy Easter and happy reading!

Easter books for kids against a purple egg background
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